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About us

E-Liquids and Vape Mods

This is a veteran owned and operated vape shop on the northside of Jacksonville.

There is a lot of knowledge behind the counter, nothing but American made premium e-liquids, all at an affordable price.

We carry a decent selection of the best devices that are customer-approved, and devices that won't fall part on you.

Getting people off combustible tobacco has always been our primary goal, and we're always here to help and guide customers. Our shop is very mature and professional. Never hesitate to ask questions. We love our jobs and we love educating!


Wellness Products

Military veterans, teachers, doctors, carpenters, dads, moms, bro's and bro-ette's, all who use alternative products for a more holistic approach to health and wellness. The market is so saturated with products, how can one person find safe and quality products in this ever-growing market?

We've been involved with all of these industries for years and tried thousands of products. The big take-away is the level of quality and the consistency of the products. We all want the most for our money.

That's why we created this place, your search ends here.